“A New Beginning” CD Album Prologue

09/01/2012 by Wendy CBright

My life has been going terribly wrong these days. I feel like I need to start over. Memories fill my eyes with tears. But putting thoughts into words makes me feel better.

I wrote this album because of… everything; to a friend who I miss, to start over. Yes, they are all for a reason. Well, I wrote my thoughts into a few songs. I sing to the world because I know they feel the same way, or been through it.

I really wish the whole world would stop and think about everything before doing anything. Sometimes I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs for the whole world so people can hear what I have to say. Make them change their minds. Sometimes people lie to me. Keep secrets about me. They regret everything. I do regret things sometimes. Sometimes it’s for the better when everything’s going wrong in your life. Oh, yes, I’m sure you really do regret stuff and want to start over.

But what really hurts me is when nobody says what they need to say so people understand and don’t take it the wrong way. They need to say what they have to say.

I’m letting the whole world know the story of my life. So I just want to start off with “A New Beginning”.