Wendy CBright is a singer, pianist, arranger, and American and Brazilian pop, R&B and soul songwriter-composer. She is American-Brazilian and speaks English and Brazilian-Portuguese fluently.

She started in 2004

Wendy started singing at the age of two, taking it to a higher level at four years old (2006), when she was enrolled on a local private American music school, where she developed and improved her vocal techniques and learned how to read and write musical scores and how to play the piano, advancing to adult course level in less than four months.

She was born in Brockton, MA on September 27, 2002, daughter of Brazilian parents natural from the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

At the age of five (2007), always being devoted to the American pop style due to a strong influence from her parents that once noticing the musical engagement between her brother, Wayne Lima Carvalho (12, pianist, guitarist and xylophonist) and herself, decide to form a music band. Her father who has always been in the computer business, organized himself, got ready and started the musical project, developing website, graphics, music video and audio recordings all by himself, creating “The Dabljus” band (Meaning: The “W’s” of Wendy & Wayne).

Wendy started composing her own songs at seven (February 2010), three years after forming the band with her brother. Her first “Gone” CD album released on April 23, 2011, with nine songs sung in English and an instrumental one, from which two of them (“Gone” and “What’s The Point?”) were very successful on Cobilândia FM and Tribuna AM radio stations in the State of Espírito Santo – Brazil and on Rolim de Moura FM radio station in the State of Rondônia, also in Brazil.

Days after the first “Gone” CD album release, The Dabljus received a lot of invitations from Brazilian newspapers from almost all over the United States and some major American newspaper in the State of Massachusetts and also had their first TV appearance hosted by Shirley Farber on “Bate-papo com Shirley” show in Framingham, MA.

The Dabljus also made the openings for the Fame International Magazine ceremony, Marlborough, MA, performing “Gone” song, one of the most successful songs from the first CD album.

In that same year, Wendy & Wayne (The Dabljus), and their parents decide to run a few live concerts to raise money for the American Red Cross to help families that got hit by a tornado, on June 1st, 2011, that destroyed Springfield, MA and others surroundings areas aggressively, leaving hundreds of homeless people. From all first live concerts, two major ones were held at the Yawkey Club of Roxbury, Roxbury, MA, and at Oliveira’s Restaurant, Everett, MA. All of the money was literally donated and handed by their father to the Red Cross of Massachusetts director in Cambridge, MA.

In September 2011, Wendy had already composed over sixty songs all by herself, including her own piano arrangements. Her father then decided to start working on the second CD recordings.

In July 2012, her brother decides to leave The Dabljus band to pursue another career. The second CD album project was basically completed, specially the graphic work their father had developed during his spare time, but their father decided to wait for the right moment to release it in the American marketing and on social medias, and at the same time giving his son some time to think about the decision he had made, expecting him to change his mind and return, but it didn’t happen.

Still in that same time, inside of an empty and sad environment without his brother, Wendy asks her father what they would be doing about the entire music project that they have been working since 2006. Her father who has always believed in her for being so strong and mature though so young, he decided to leave the decision up to her. She answers her father, as tears were falling down her eyes, saying that she really wanted to become a very famous artist and still be able to help other children around the world. Her father hugs his wife and his own daughter, saying: “Whatever it takes, we’ll keep on doing everything we can to make your dream come true.” That was when she, at that same moment, came up with another stage name changing it from “The Dabljus” to “Wendy CBright“. Every graphic art project of the CD is designed by her dad, who made the changes based on these events. Events that were transformed into a work of narrative art; a twenty-four page booklet that tells the ongoing story until the final release of the CD. Consequently, all music registrations, official website and social medias had to be re-done.

On August 1, 2012, the CDA New Beginning” was released. Coincidence? Yes, because Wendy’s dad named it before the separation that in the end made sense with the changes that occurred in the band. The cover photo of the album that has an image literally ripped, makes sense, as her brother left, in which he was beside her. The CD with fourteen tracks, eleven in English and three in Portuguese has been a huge success in Brazil, especially the songs “Shine” , “A New Beginning” , “Gotta Let Go” , “Remember Me” and the most requested out of all of them, “Break My Heart“.

“Break My Heart” Song was composed after her brother. They both were very close to each other, and she got very sad when she saw him with his first girlfriend. For those who don’t know the other songs from this same CD, will probably think that they were all composed after her brother. Because all songs talk a little bit about this separation. Coincidence? Yes, perfect coincidence. All songs had been composed by Wendy when everything was like a dream.

Wendy CBright moves to Brazil with her parents on June 22, 2013, where she would be keep on working on her music projects with her parents, owners of WWCC Records. The decision to move to Brazil was made by her father back in 2010. Her adaptation to the country was not that hard, not even the language which she already knew how to speak, read and write fluently since she was very young, always helped and supported by her parents (English and Brazilian-Portuguese since 1987), and they always worried about their native language in first place.

Wendy is very mature, and music changes her even more. She’s always worried about helping others. She is very skilled in the computer field, especially music recording studio programs. She loves to write and she is very concentrated on her studies. The piano, her favorite instrument. In spite of her age and music responsibility, she has time for everything and all and, as a normal child, her playtime is never left behind.

CBright has a three octave contralto vocal range. She defines her music style as the melody of the heart”.

Her success and recognition happened after arriving in Brazil in June 2013, followed by twenty-one interpretations and one of her own, totalizing twenty-two live appearances on Jovens Talentos Kids Raul Gil SBT TV Show in seven months between 2013 and 2014 on nationwide network, from an invitation made by Raul Gil Production to Wendy CBright’s father, the manager, in August 2013. “Break My Heart” song, one of her own compositions, has been one of the most successful song among all other live performances on the TV Show.

In June 2014, “Máquina da Fama” TV show, also part of SBT, invites CBright to make a cover of a North American singer, going live on the 30th. Just another great live performance.

Her first new single “Missing” was released on July 26, 2016. She composed “Missing” song when she was nine and didn’t feel like releasing it any time sooner until then.

Wendy CBright is still going strong into her own compositions. She has also been developing her own piano techniques and been planning with her parents the release of her third CD album and a DVD in 2017.

Written by:
Elcenir de Carvalho (Wendy CBright’s father and manager).